Chivas Brothers Blend

Arm & Eye created an eye catching short film for the launch of the Chivas Brothers Blend. The film was designed to be shown in airports as part of the Chivas Immersive Digital Emporium Experience. The main objective was to show the consumer enjoying Chivas and sharing it with friends. We gave the film a simple and subtle narrative which connects with the key themes of the new product.

Bang Bang

Two Vietnamese restauranteurs commissioned us to re-brand their new restaurant situated on Warren Street, London. We completely reworked the concept and created a multi-platform interwoven back story with the restaurant at its centre. Using the name ‘Bang Bang’ as a starting point we have created what can only be described as the first ever ‘Noodle Noir.’ The story is told in fractured pieces across the menus, napkins, social media and a huge graphic artwork spread across one entire wall of the restaurant, which has all of the pieces of the first part of the story layered within it. The menu acts as an introduction to the story and the characters in this twisting tale of mobsters, double crossing and soft shell crab. The narrative plays out across social media with additional scenes, character back stories and clues revealed over the upcoming months. We also created a film trailer for the restaurant inspired by the Pulp Noir films of the 1940′s that received over 5000 hits in the first month alone.

Jameson Distillery

We were asked by Jameson to capture the traditional production process of the Jameson Select and Gold Reserve whiskies at their distillery in Cork, Ireland. Recognising that Jameson is a brand synonymous with heritage and craft, we went behind the scenes to create a film that features the Jameson Master Cooper carefully treating the Select and Gold Reserve whiskies, demonstrating the dedication and hard work that goes into making its world famous blend. As Jameson are a brand steeped in heritage, craft and tradition, Arm & Eye were able to connect them with those who seek to learn more about their beloved whiskies.

Lost & Found

Working with interior design agency Kai Design, we turned a Grade II listed building in Birmingham into a victorian botanical paradise. The restaurant was themed around a central character who was a collector and botanist. One key feature was a secret bar hidden behind a giant book case. A key focus for the client was that they wanted the branding to appeal to their female customers. We developed the name in response to the concept and developed a full identity for the restaurant. The branding and graphics all have a Victorian style, hidden elements and a feminine colour palette reflecting the concept of the restaurant.


Chivas commissioned Arm & Eye to create a series of films to accompany their ‘Crafted for the Senses’ book and app for smartphones and tablets. The brief was to use the cocktail recipes as a platform for creating six inspirational and exceptional short films. We designed each film as a creative imagining of the drink combining themes from the craftsmen featured in the book and app, along with the drink and the sense they represented.

Hotbox London

We were commissioned by the renowned BBQ pop up HotBox to brand their first restaurant based in Spitalfields, East London. The brief was to create a strong brand language without employing any generic motifs that are common with the majority of barbecue-based restaurants. We utilised bold typography, juxtaposed with strong textures. Dark wood, unrefined paper stocks and leather allude to the idea of craftsmen along with the tagline, ‘craft meats’. We also crafted the branding, website and menus for the downstairs bar, 46 & Mercy. The menu features a more traditional layout mixed with progressive, collage-based imagery. Interwoven with these is a series of evocative stories that are inspired by the cocktails.

Hoxley & Porter

Arm & Eye were tasked to concept and create a cocktail bar with a fully integrated brand identity.

The concept was inspired by Egyptian iconography and an imagined Victorian adventure through the Orient. We worked with the Client to find the name Hoxley & Porter and created a back story based around the two fictional characters who represented both the restaurant and cocktail bar; Hoxley, an astute gentleman, and Porter, named after the stolen diamond at the centre of the story. Using Victorian and Egyptian elements along with some industrial era style typography, we created an identity that reflects the different moods between the restaurant and cocktail bar, creating an intriguing atmosphere.

Harlow & Fox

We were approached by luxury lingerie brand Harlow & Fox to create an evocative film capturing the essence of the brand. We developed a story loosely based on the story of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ and weaved that together with two models to create a strange, dream like fantasy. The film captures the style and quality of the lingerie, while also giving hints of a deeper narrative within the brand.

Salvation in Noodles

Salvation In Noodles is a full brand identity for a new restaurant located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Dalston, London. The clients back story centred around their food which used traditional methods of cooking rather than the processed and packaged flavours of their competitors. We developed a name that positioned the brand as the saviours of the noodle and worked this across the logo, brand mark and throughout the interiors. Elements of the design and story are also contained within the wallpapers and cutlery. The logo type has a modern industrial style, while the brand mark focuses on the word SIN and has a bold, recognisable look that is simple and memorable.

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